Conundrum: Pic Tac Toe VII

Pic Tac Toe makes its return with a special political edition.

In a “Pic Tac Toe” puzzle, there are nine pictures in a three-by-three grid, like Tic-Tac-Toe. In each row, column, and diagonal, there is a common theme that unites the three pictures. The challenge is to find the eight themes.

You can click on each image to see a larger version:

Please post whatever you come up with in the comments section.


UPDATE: Puzzle solved by Bronx Richie. See comments for all correct themes.

2 Responses to “Conundrum: Pic Tac Toe VII”

  1. Bronx Richie Says:

    TOP ROW: Current or former US Senators
    MIDDLE ROW: Current or former public officials who are Mormons
    BOTTOM ROW: Current or former Speakers of the House
    LEFT COLUMN: Current or former official legislative leaders (House or Senate, majority or minority) (and anti-abortion as well)
    MIDDLE COLUMN: Current or former elected officials from Massachusetts
    RIGHT COLUMN: Republicans
    UPPER R TO LOWER L DIAGONAL: Unsuccessful (Republican) presidential candidates

  2. Bill Says:

    Close enough for government work. Nice solving, Bronx Richie!


    Top Row: SENATORS (McConnell, Warren, Santorum)

    Center Row: MORMONS (Reid, Romney, John Doolittle)

    Bottom Row: SPEAKERS OF THE HOUSE (Gingrich, Tip O’Neill, Boehner)

    Left Column: Originally WHITE HAIR, but I thought that was lame, so I went with AMERICAN FLAG PICTURED when I collected the images

    Center Column: MASSACHUSETTS POLITICIANS (Senator, Governor, Representative)

    Right Column: GANG OF SEVEN (Santorum, Doolittle, Boehner)

    Slash: 2012 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY FINALISTS (Santorum, Romney, Gingrich)

    Backslash: 2012 REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP (Senate Minority Leader, Presidential Candidate, Speaker of the House)

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