Shakespeare Anagram: Measure for Measure

From Measure for Measure:

Pray you, my lord, give me leave to question; you
shall see how I’ll handle her.

Shift around the letters, and it becomes:

Oh my! Senator Paul’s soliloquy whine? He moved level-eyed Hillary to argue.

2 Responses to “Shakespeare Anagram: Measure for Measure”

  1. Dharam Says:

    Good one! Here’s one that is not Shakespeare, but it is a Sonnet-gram:

    HIGH is our calling, Friend!–Creative Art
    (Whether the instrument of words she use,
    Or pencil pregnant with ethereal hues,)
    Demands the service of a mind and heart,
    Though sensitive, yet, in their weakest part,
    Heroically fashioned–to infuse
    Faith in the whispers of the lonely Muse,
    While the whole world seems adverse to desert.
    And, oh! when Nature sinks, as oft she may,
    Through long-lived pressure of obscure distress,
    Still to be strenuous for the bright reward,
    And in the soul admit of no decay,
    Brook no continuance of weak-mindedness–
    Great is the glory, for the strife is hard!
    SHAKY is your power, Reid! (see ‘Filibuster’)
    (Whether a handshake, order, or ‘offer you can’t refuse’,
    Or torture suffered, or overwhelming abuse,)
    We thought you’d draft and administer
    Evenhanded law that is less sinister,
    Significantly reformed–to introduce
    Trust to the victims of highest abuse,
    This appears to the foreign minister
    As weakness or stalling, unsurpassed!
    The hotheads who deadlock by phone never flinch,
    In their hollowness show no remorse–
    When the high throne is defeated at last,
    The chosen need to give them an inch
    Will result, at length, in miles reinforced!

  2. Bill Says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic. Welcome back, Dharam!

    I’m wondering if the defeat of filibuster reform won’t eventually end up biting the Republicans after all. Being seen as obstructionist may hurt them in 2014, when Congress is vulnerable and the White House is not.

    The voting districts are still heavily gerrymandered, but I’d love to see what President Obama could accomplish with a friendly Congress for his last two years in office. He’s probably learned quite a bit since his first two.

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