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For hundreds of years, people have questioned whether William Shakespeare wrote the plays that bear his name. The mystery is fueled by the fact that his biography simply doesn’t match the areas of knowledge and skill demonstrated in the plays. Nearly a hundred candidates have been suggested, but none of them fit much better. Now a new candidate named Amelia Bassano Lanier – the so-called ‘Dark Lady’ of the Sonnets and a member of an Italian/Jewish family – has been shown to be a perfect fit.

Via the Shakespeare Geek, who is kind enough to suspect that the whole thing is a put on.

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  1. Gedaly Says:

    I’ve learned never to doubt the creative capabilities of the human mind. Some like to replace “creative” with “stupid.” The man who thought up this theory, joke or no, is definitely pretty smart and creative to have thought it up and found clues to support the theory.

    It sure sounds crazy enough to be a put-on, but who’s to say he doesn’t believe it? People believe in much crazier-sounding things.

    I kind of like this story. I’ve been messaging my friends saying “Did you know Shakespeare’s plays were written by a black Jewish woman?” and waiting for the response.


  2. Bill Says:

    I do not think this post was written by a stupid person. I think it was written by a smart person who should know better.

    After all, he is the Artistic Director of “the world’s most experimental Shakespeare company” so why would we expect him to make wild claims without substantiation?

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