Thursday Morning Riddle

I can tackle a task; I can often be brute;
I drop balls you release and launch bullets you shoot;
When a runner in baseball must follow his route;
I’m the cops on the beat; I’m the troops with the chute.

Who am I?

UPDATE: Riddle solved by Annalisa. See comments for answer.

4 Responses to “Thursday Morning Riddle”

  1. Annalisa Says:

    Obi Wan Kenobi says, “Use the FORCE!”

  2. Bill Says:

    FORCE is correct. Way to go, Annalisa!

    I did have a “Jedi” reference in there at one point, but it didn’t make the final cut. You can’t force these things.

    Line 1: Task Force; Brute Force
    Line 2: Physical Forces
    Line 3: Force Play
    Line 4: Police Force; Air Force

  3. Neel Mehta Says:

    I was hoping that first line was a reference to the Brute Squad.

    (You know, I’m on the Brute Squad.)

  4. Bill Says:

    You are the Brute Squad!

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