Living Descendants of King Henry the Eighth

I subscribe to a service called “SiteMeter” which allows me to see a limited amount of information about my visitors. One thing that I can see is if someone finds my site via a Google search. Recently, I’ve had a number of hits from people looking to find out about living descendants of King Henry VIII. My site isn’t really about that, but I thought I’d provide an answer anyway, as a public service.

There are no living descendants of King Henry VIII.

Henry’s father, King Henry VII, had four offspring who lived past childhood: Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary. Arthur was always expected to be the next king, but he died in 1502. When Henry VII died in 1509, the kingdom was passed to his younger son, crowned Henry VIII.

Henry VIII had four known living offspring from four different women. His first wife, Catherine of Arragon, gave him a daughter, Mary (born 1516). He had an illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy (born 1519), with his mistress Elizabeth Blount. His second wife, Ann Boleyn, had a daughter Elizabeth (born 1533). His third wife, Jane Seymour, had a son, Edward (born 1537). Henry VIII would have three more wives, but no more children to carry on his line. And as we shall see, none of his four branches would bear fruit.

Henry FitzRoy died in 1536, while his father was still alive.

When Henry VIII died in 1547, young Edward became King Edward VI, but died in 1553 with no heir. He was 15 years old. That was the end of Henry’s Y chromosome. But what about the daughters?

There was a brief reign by Lady Jane Grey (not a descendant of Henry VIII, but a granddaughter of his sister Mary) and then Henry VIII’s daughter Mary took the throne as Queen Mary I of England. You may know her as Bloody Mary.

(Don’t confuse either Mary with Mary Queen of Scots, who was yet a third Mary. She is a descendant of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret. We’ll come back to her in a bit.)

Mary I of England died in 1558 with no offspring, leaving the country in the capable hands of her sister Elizabeth. During the 45-year-long reign of Queen Elizabeth I, we saw a new Golden Age which included the rise of Shakespeare and Sir Francis Bacon. But alas, we saw no heir. Elizabeth died in 1603, ending her father’s biological legacy forever.

The crown then passed to the son of Mary Queen of Scots, who was James VI of Scotland at the time. He became King James I of England. And Shakespeare quickly began work on Macbeth. Note that the British monarchy even today can be traced back to King Henry VII, the father of King Henry VIII.

But King Henry VIII himself has no known living descendants.

I hope this was helpful for at least some of you. For the rest of you, expect a new Conundrum tomorrow.

UPDATE: An anagram version of the answer!

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  1. Sam Says:

    I don’t know much about it ,but there are other known children he had. Mary Boleyn had 2 children by Henry the 8th. Henry and Catherine. So theres still a possible chance their are some descendents of his. Supposedly he has 29 living descendents. From his own bloodline. Not his whole families.

  2. Bill Says:

    Welcome Sam!

    There isn’t any evidence that Mary Boleyn’s children were fathered by Henry. There was some speculation at the time that one of them might have been, because Mary was one of Henry’s mistresses. But modern historians believe that he was born too late to have been a product of their affair.

    Look, Henry certainly got around. It’s no doubt possible that he has living descendants today from his own bloodline. But none of them are known to us today.

    And that’s lucky for me. Otherwise, I would have to change the anagram.

  3. Jet Says:

    There is evidence to suggest that Henry and Catherine Carey could have been the offspring of Henry VIII. He took a keen interest in both children’s up bringing despite the Boleyn disgrace, and under his daughter both children did well and were seemly favoured by her. It is said that the descendents of Henry and Catherine Carey bore a strong resemblence to their cousin and that Catherine particularly bore a stricking resemblence to Elizabeth, even down to the trade mark fiery red hair. To further support this you only have to look at the treatment of William Carey, Mary’s jilted husband. Through the years Mary shared Henry’s bed William Carey was bestowed with numerous, albeit minor, gifts of land, money and titles. These gifts particularly intensfied around the birth of both children, a very intriguing fact don’t you think? Despite the claims of some historians that the children were born outside of the affair it is not really known when either child were born, so it is possible they were born during the affair. The question is why, for a man so desperate for sons did Henry VIII not announce the child was his? There appears to be several reasons; firstly there was not the remotest chance that Henry Fitzroy, his son by Elizabeth Blount, could not have been his as she was not married- Mary Boleyn was. So even though it is quite possible that Henry Carey was his son, Henry VIII did not have undeniable proof and the last thing Henry wanted to do was divide the country by giving them a dubious claimiant as their next sovereign. Another reason was his devotion and desperation to marry Mary’s sister Anne Boleyn, in his papal plea Henry argued that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was void because she had been married and supposedly bedded by his older brother Arthur, the deceased Prince of Wales. So here you can see the irony, how could he then have a legal marriage ( he did intially seek a legal marriage) to the sister of a former conquest when he claimed his previous marriage was void for the very same fact- it is important to remember that in the beginning Henry was very keen to keep his divorce and remarriage all legal and properly done. Then you must consider the position of Anne Boleyn, if Henry Carey was indeed the son of Henry VIII he would be a thorn in the side of any son of her own, so perhaps she used her own considerable influence to ensure the boy was never recognised. Despite this Henry Carey was later given over into the care of Anne, why would a child of relative unimportance be given in to the Queen of England’s ward?In some quarters it is believed that Anne Boleyn took the child to strengthen her own position, particularly in later days when she failed to produce her own son.
    It is possible that Henry Carey was the son of Henry VIII and particularly relevant when you consider Mary was widowed not long after the end of their affair. Perhaps in different circumstances this and the death of Catherine of Aragon could have resulted in their marriage and the legitimisation of Henry Carey into the heir apparent. Some may claim that this is a far fetched suggestion, however it is important to remember that Henry VIII’s own ancestor John of Gaunt had his illegimate children, the Beauforts, legitimised post birth when he eventually married their mother, these legitimised children later joined forces with the Tudors and culminated in the King Henry VII.
    Even though Henry was reknowned for his overriding obsession to produce a healthy male heir he was also a statesmen and madly in love, perhaps he realised, at this time, during the turmoil he had already caused that pronouncing another illegitimate son would jeapodize his position further and also jeapodize his marriage and love for Anne Boleyn. He may have also genuiniely believed that his beloved Anne would produce him a hoard of sons and therefore felt there was not point in trying to legitamize a son whos paternity to the outside world was some what dubious. Perhaps in another time and place Henry Carey could have been recognized.
    In the end it is the Carey children who have had the last laugh and gained their rightful recognition, for if Catherine and Heny are the children of this famous King our present day Queen is a direct descendent of both them and Henry VIII.

  4. Bill Says:

    Welcome, Jet! Thanks for your insights and information. I didn’t know QE2 was descended from the Carey children.

    With the attention surrounding The Other Boleyn Girl, we can expect this topic to heat up. I don’t have much more to add than I wrote above, but I’ll throw this back in the Active category and invite others to join the discussion.

  5. Jet Says:

    thanks, ive had too much time on my hands evidently. The Tudors were a scandolous,hot blooded and blood thirsty lol, forget todays WAGS!

  6. beth Says:

    I am a direct descendent of Catherine Carey. We are out here.

  7. Beelsie Says:

    Beth – would love to see your lineage.
    what do you know about Henry Carey’s lineage ?

    I am really interested in the modern ancestry of Henry VIII
    illegitamate children .

    Have found details of Henry Fitzroy but would love some background on Mary Boleyn’s children and their descendents

  8. Mary Says:

    I seem to recall reading that there were a total of four suspected illegitimate children of Henry VIII, three in addition to Henry Fitzroy. I wish I could find more information about those three.

  9. C. H. E. West III Says:

    There is a very large number of descendants of Catherine Carey in the United States.

    Catherine Carey wed Francis Knollys, KG, and by him had Anne Knollys who wed Thomas West, 2nd B. De la Warr (of the second creation), and they were the father of three royal governors of the Colony of Virginia (namely, Thomas West, 3rd B. De la Warr; Francis West; and John West), as well as Elizabeth West who wed Richard Saltonstall and whose descendants were prominent in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Lettice West who wed Henry Ludlow and whose descendants also settled in colonial Virginia, and Penelope West who wed (Fitz)Herbert Pelham and whose descendants settled in early Maryland.

  10. C. H. E. West III Says:


    Henry FitzRoy, D. Richmond and Somerset, died without issue (neither legitimate nor illegitimate), and thus no one is descended from him.

    Henry Carey, 1st B. Hunsdon, wed Anne Morgan and had children who either inherited or were granted further titles in the peerage, e.g., E. Monmouth, E. Dover, and E. Sunderland (in addition to B. Hunsdon). There is no contempraneous source that identifies either Catherine or Henry Carey as an illegitimate child of King Henry VIII. It seems to be the overwhelmingly most likely case that these myths began during the height of renownedly exaggerated Puritan intellectualism about a century later on.

  11. C. H. E. West III Says:


    Yes, Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Catherine Carey as follows.

    Catherine Carey, who wed Francis Knollys, KG, had:

    Lettice Knollys, who wed Walter Devereux, KG, 1st E. Essex, and had:

    Penelope Devereux, who wed Robert Rich, 1st E. Warwick, and had:

    (Mary) Essex Rich, who wed Daniel Finch, 2nd E. Nottingham and Winchilsea, and had:

    Mary Finch, who wed William Savile, 2nd M. Halifax, and had:

    Dorothy Savile, who wed Richard Boyle, KG, 4th E. Cork, and had:

    Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, who wed William Cavendish, KG, 4th D. Devon, Prime Minister, and had:

    Dorothy Cavendish, who wed William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, KG, 3rd D. Portland, Prime Minister, and had:

    William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck, who wed Anne Wellesley, and had:

    Rev. Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck, who wed Caroline Louisa Burnaby, and had:

    Nina Cecilia Cavendish Bentinck, who wed Claude George Bowes-Lyon, KG, 14th E. Strathmore and Kinghorne, and had:

    Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, KG, who wed King George VI, and had:

    Queen Elizabeth II

  12. Bill Says:

    Welcome Beth, Beelsie, Mary, and C. H. E. West III!

    Wow, thanks for sharing all of that information. This has been one of the most popular posts on the blog. It comes up on a lot of Google searches and brings in new readers. So I’m glad that visitors looking for answers will find some!

    Thanks again.

  13. Ushasi Says:

    Thanks! I got everything I needed to know here about Henry’s descendants, plus some!

  14. Bill Says:

    Welcome, Ushasi!

    I’m glad you found what you’re looking for. Thanks for visiting.

  15. Brent Jones Says:

    As far as I know, my mother’s family (Stuckey) are descended from Henry VIII (granted it is from the wrong side of the sheets) as we have a signet ring that has been passed from father to son and now my cousin has it.

  16. Bill Says:

    Welcome, Brent Jones!

    The signet ring sounds interesting. What can you tell us about it? And do you know from which of the suspected Henry kids you’re descended?

  17. Gillian Says:

    Very interested in these comments. My family is supposed to be descended from Mary Boleyn. Old family records list Carey, Broadstock, Whitehorn, Tame (of Fairford Church fame) but I don’t understand the links of the chain. Can anyone help?

  18. Bill Says:

    Welcome, Gillian!

    I also don’t know the links of the chain, but information about the Carey family is listed above.

    I’ve learned a lot from these comments!

  19. Gillian Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Bill. I’m interested in the descendents of Henry Carey (I think the above lists Catherine’s offspring?) so if anyone has any info on the Henry side also, that would be great!

  20. Alan Richards Says:

    I too am interested in the connection between the CAREY family and others named Broadstock, Whitehorn, Tame, all apparently of Berkshire, England. Does anybody have the direct ties?
    London, Ont., Canada

  21. Kaitlin Says:

    I have been researching my family history and through one genealogy site was able to connect my family to Mary Boleyn. This was something really exciting for me because I have been avidly reading up on Mary and others of the Tudor era for a few years. However, I found that the link that was made was not necessarily a valid one, and I have been going through, person by person, to verify each and every link. I have gotten caught at one last link, which could either link my family to Mary Boleyn or finally allow me to know for sure that the lineage I have been following is not valid. If anyone could help me out, I would be really thankful. What I need to know is who the children of Lettice (or Letitia) West and Henry Ludlow were. Again, if anyone could help, I would be extremely thankful.

  22. Bill Says:

    Welcome Alan and Kaitlin!

    I’m not an expert on British royal lineage, but perhaps other readers can help out. This post still gets more Google traffic than any other post on the blog, so feel free to continue the discussion.

  23. smwood Says:

    Just thought I’d mention that whether Henry & Catherine Carey were descended from William Carey or Henry VIII, doesn’t matter, they are still descended from Edward III through John of Gaunt either way … and Mary Boleyn, of course, is descended from Edward I. Bless him, Sir William Carey keeps getting palmed off as a lesser person, he hasn’t got such a bad looking tree really! What are the best sources for researching Henry Carey’s family, anyone?

  24. HJ-Seymour Says:

    Infact Jane Seymour, Henrys Wife was bloodline related to Henry.. she was his 5th cousin only 3 times removed via Marriage only.. so where her brothers.. who infact went on to have children also.. so Henrys bloodline did living on to a degree..

  25. Mark Says:

    Correct hj Her father, Sir John Seymour, was knighted at the Battle of Blackheath in 1497 by Henry VII. He enjoyed royal favour during the next reign. Her mother, Margery Wentworth, was descended from Edward III, so Jane was Henry VIII’s fifth cousin. The Seymours were a respectable family from Wolf Hall, near Marlborough in Wiltshire. They produced ten children, including Edward, Thomas and Jane (born c1508).

  26. Jan Says:


    I too am looking to confirm my descendancy from Mary Boleyn through Lettice West & Henry Ludlow. Does anyone know if William Ludlam is a descendant of Henry & Lettice? This is the gap I need bridged. I have seen such connection made in the past but am not certain as to their reliability. Help anyone?

  27. Garry Says:

    i read t that Henrys fool,Will Somers was in possession of Henrys diary and right before his death he was in correspondence with catherine carey telling her she was the daughter of Henry and mailing the diary to her. He was afraid that one of Henrys other descendants might burn or destroy it after what Mary had done to henrys body

  28. Jelene Says:

    I have also begun researching my husband’s lineage so I could create a scrapbook for his dad for Christmas. When I saw the Mary Boleyn pop up in the pedigree, my initial reaction was ‘No Way’. I’ve always been interested in that part of history before I found this out. My research has led me to that my husband is a direct descendant of Henry Carey. The line goes as such:
    Henry Carey
    Catherine Carey
    Joan Howard
    Henry Scott
    Thomas Scott
    Edmund Scott
    Hannah Scott
    Isaac Brunson
    David Brunson
    David Brunson
    Martha P Brunson
    Joseph J Franklin
    James E Franklin
    Augustus Franklin

    If any of my info is wrong, please let me know. I found out my husband’s tree is more fascinating than mine.

  29. Jennifer Stuckey Says:

    I have always been taughter that the Stuckey’s (my family name) were somehow descendents (illegitimately) of King Henry VIII. Apparently the historical book “The Stuckey’s of Somerset” by Michael Churchman reflects this?

  30. Greg Says:

    A lot of inbreeding in England huh?

  31. tammy Says:

    I have direct linage to Mary Boleyn through Catheryn also- via colonial virginia ancestors – Mary Cade Wise – Matilda West -Anthony West – Gov John West – many Americans with early families on the eastern shore were lesser nobility that would not inherit due to birth order so they came to the new colony to seek their fortunes -and make claims for the king, who they evetually turned on. Most American Presidents come from these lines – they inter-married to the nth degree – at some point our family trees pratically just go straigt up. I’d like to believe that Grandmother Catheryn was the daughter of the great Henry VIII – and that some of his royal blood flows in the US today. Oh also on another line go back to Lady Jane Grey’s family – so am a decendant of Henry’s royal line in that way. And all from a colony in Jamestowne.

  32. Paul Says:

    It appears increasingly likely over time that the Carey children were indeed the children of Henry VIII and were said to be so at the time. Just not by Henry, who could not claim them for politcal and moral reasons. Mary Boleyn was a married woman.

    It’s amazing to realize that there are literally thousands of Henry VIIIs direct descendants in the world today. Ha, so far I am not among them, though the above poster is quite correct about the settlers in Virgina who could not have title in England. Those settlers gave many of us direct connection to famous Tudor families.

    The very royal remains of Elizabeth I and Henry Carey are right there at Westminster Abbey. Henry VIII is just a few miles away at Windsor Chapel.
    DNA testing could answer our questions, but the present royals are not likely to ever grant such tests. DNA testing seldom fails to present totally unexpected results, and today’s royals need none of that.

  33. Jim Stuckey Marke Says:

    Referring to Jennifer Stuckey post. The Michael Churchman “book” (an unpublished typescript manuscript) has no reference or reflection to a descendancy of Henry VIII, that I can find. I do not have a complete manuscript however.

  34. VDavis Says:

    The “Groton Avery Clan” can also trace their heritage to Mary Boleyn
    and William Carey. My relationship joins at the marriage of
    Humphrey Avery (1699) and Jerusha Morgan (1704). The Avery’s
    lived in Conn., Maryland and my link, South Carolina, my gg grandmother was an Avery…..there are a lot of us out there!

  35. D Hall Says:

    This site has been very interesting. I have been researching my grandfathers family and we are related it seems to Catherine Carey
    through her son Sir Francis Knollys and wife Lettice nee Barrett.
    Through a female line . My granfathers family inherited money and title through a court case proving direct lineage to a Knollys Branch
    also related to Sir Francis and Wife Lettice nee Barrett through a male line.It was an exciting discovery.

  36. Rachel Heney Says:

    I was looking at some portraits of Henry Carey and King Henry the eighth, and visually there is an amazing resemblance. I think that for the reasons stated above, and the physical resemblance, he was a son but could not be claimed. Mary’s parents had her marry young to someone in the court of the king in order to put her under the nose of the king. It would stand to reason that once she caught his eye, everyone that stood to benefit saw the logic in her not sleeping with her husband for the duration of the affair. I doubt her husband would have minded that much because he was being elevated in status and wealth.

  37. Roger Morgan Says:

    HenryVIIII had an affair with Mary Boleyn produced Henry Lord Hunsdon Carey and so to my tree as follows
    Robert Carey 1560
    Philadelphia Carey 1585
    John Worton 1617
    John Worton 1638
    John Worton 1661
    William Worton 1684
    William Worton 1714
    Benjamin Worton1742
    John Worton 1763
    John Worton 1797
    John Worton 1814
    Elizabeth Worton 1848
    Hannah Hale 1875
    Alice Maud Morris 1913
    Roger Morgan 1940 (Living )
    This makes Henry VIII my 14 th G/G/father . Right or wrong ? can someone advise me ?

  38. Teacher Says:

    Incorrect. There are no KNOWN descendants of Henry VIII. Doesn’t give you the authorotative right to assert that there are not potential illigitimate ones in existence, especially when it seems you haven’t done your homework very well. You didn’t even mention Richard Edwardes, but I suppose you’d dismiss the possbility of that as quickly as any other.

    The jury is still out on Henry VIII’s descendants. I personally believe he did have children…he just had way too many mistresses and way too many “rumors” circulating for NOTHING to have come forth. We don’t see any other monarch in British history to where there are so many assertions of descent. Why fabricate stories about Henry VIII when you could do the same for many other monarchs? Sure, he was fairly popular, but he was no George Washington and certainly not the most beloved English king. More research has to be done and while we may never be able to definitely say we are his descendants we also can never definitely say that we are not.



  40. Pamela Hall Says:

    I too am a descendant of Mary Boleyn through her daughter, Catherine who married Sir Francis Knollys. Mary was my 13th great grandmother. My line is through many Knollys generations. I’m quite sure that there are many of us that could possibly be the descendants of King Henry VIII. Hopefully, one day there will be DNA to be able to prove our heritage without a shadow of doubt. I’ve always believed that during the time of Catherine and Henry Carey’s birth Henry VIII wouldn’t have dared admit that he had possible heirs to the throne with a “married” woman while he was trying to divorce Catherine of Aragon. The Church would have most definitely have thrown his plea out for such activities especially since he wanted to marry his married mistresses sister, Anne. The timing and circumstances during the birth of Catherine and Henry’s was just wrong. I think that Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn tried to make up for not announcing the children’s birth right in the only way they knew how by lavishing gifts, money and titles on them.

  41. Dori Says:

    There seems to be some chronological evidence of Catherine and Henry Carey having been the children of Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn. Their affair began in 1522 and ended in 1526, both Catherine and Henry were born during this time period. It is doubtful that HenryVIII would have shared Mary with William Carey during their affair. Also, estates were granted to William Carey in 1524 and 1526 at about the time that Catherine and Henry were born. Arrangements were made for Catherine and Henry to be taken care of and educated, also they became wards of their aunt Queen Ann after her marriage to Henry VIII. Why else would this have been done if they were not the children of Henry VIII? Catherine and Henry Carey were also VERY close to Queen Elizabeth I, beyond what a cousin relationship might be. Elizabeth I paid for their stately funerals and monuments which would suggest a sibling relationship most likely only known to her. I am descended from Henry Carey….. having problems with the “beheading issues.”

  42. Kathy Says:

    This is all so fascinating to me. I recently learned that I am a direct descendent of Mary Boleyn through her daughter Catherine and later the Wests from Virginia. There must be A LOT of us in the US from them!

  43. Ohorere Says:

    Kia ora- Hi
    I am from New Zealand I am a Maori, native of my country. My ancestors include this man Henry the eight. How I, can’t tell you. I have been brought up knowing that we relate to Henry 8th. Once when I ws a young child we had a family reunion and a geneology chart was shown to the families and on it was his name. But my great great great grandfather originates from England. Our family name is Gage. Other then that I dont know much. But one day soon I will be looking into it.

  44. Melton Says:

    Hello cousins! I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: Our upteenth great grandfather was a tramp and and our possible upteenth great grandmother was no better. My lineage traces back to Mary Boleyn also, but I have no clue if I’m a decendant of Henry VIII, not that it matters…us Melton’s eventually gave up our coat of arms and moved to the US anyway. Happy hunting to the rest of you though! :)

  45. Pamela Says:

    Here’s another “me, too!” I’m connected to Mary Boleyn as well. I was always fascinated by the Tudors, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in particular. Through an ancestry service I found direct connections to the first settlers of Jamestowne including the Wests whose links to the Knollys then to Mary Boleyn have been described by other posters. In addition to all the clues cited in other posts,
    Catherine (Lady Knoylls) Carey’s funeral documents are the only “non royal” ones kept with many royal funeral documents and she was buried like royalty at Elizabeth I’s expense, as was her brother, Henry. On Sir Henry Carey’s tomb his name is not inscribed but his title: Lord Hunsdon which could be a way of indicating that he was not a Carey by birth. In spite of that, the Carey name definitely came to the colonies.

    I found an interesting link to Martha Custis Washington. You may recall George Washington had a romance with a woman named Sally Fairfax. Her maiden name…..Sally Carey! The women of her family were noted for their beauty and charm. She was wealthy, from a very old family, claimed the same coat of arms as Sir Henry Carey and she had auburn hair. I’m thinking Henry VIII’s genes via Mary Boleyn are still
    among us. Cheers!

  46. Pamela Says:

    Here’s another “me, too!” I’m connected to Mary Boleyn as well. I was always fascinated by the Tudors, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in particular. Through an ancestry service I found direct connections to the first settlers of Jamestowne including the Wests whose links to the Knollys then to Mary Boleyn have been described by other posters. In addition to all the clues cited in other posts,
    Catherine (Lady Knoylls) Carey’s funeral documents are the only “non royal” ones kept with many royal funeral documents and she was buried like royalty at Elizabeth I’s expense, as was her brother, Henry. On Sir Henry Carey’s tomb his name is not inscribed but his title: Lord Hunsdon which could be a way of indicating that he was not a Carey by birth. In spite of that, the Carey name definitely came to the colonies.

    I found an interesting link to Martha Custis Washington. You may recall George Washington had a romance with a woman named Sally Fairfax. Her maiden name…..Sally Carey! The women of her family were noted for their beauty and charm. She was wealthy, from a very old family, claimed the same coat of arms as Sir Henry Carey and she had auburn hair. I’m thinking Henry VIII’s genes via Mary Boleyn are still
    among us. Cheers!

  47. bonnieangel47 Says:

    There are Carey, Littlefield, West in my family. Anybody know of a connection with Littlefield to Mary Carey?

  48. Green Beads Says:

    Green Beads…

    […]Shakespeare Teacher » Blog Archive » Living Descendants of King Henry the Eighth[…]…

  49. Brenda Herring Estes Says:

    I am descendant of Henry Carey, and would love to know if there is any type of ancestry DNA going on out there that would prove/disprove relatives from Mary Boleyn’s children to find a possible link. Mary was my 12th great-grandmother, and I do have strong belief that Henry was the son of Henry VIII. Reason for not publicly accounting of this was the King’s new obsession with Mary’s sister, Anne, and if he’d hope to ever marry Anne, he could not openly admit that he had children with her sister. No church would grant dispensation nor the heirarchy be accepting of that situation.

    If DNA testing is not currently being done…is there a way to begin this in the lineages that believe they are connected?

  50. Brenda Herring Estes Says:

    forgot my email address to those interested. I live in Florida, USA.

  51. gregg Says:


    […]Shakespeare Teacher » Blog Archive » Living Descendants of King Henry the Eighth[…]…

  52. julie eden Says:

    I too descend from Mary Boleyn, through Katherine/Catherine Carey and Francis Knollys;
    Anne Knollys and Sir Thomas West
    Letitia West and Henry Ludlow/Ludlam
    William Ludlow/Ludlam and Clemance Fordham (he came to Long Island after his wife died)
    Mary Ludlow/Ludlam and Thomas Scudder
    Benjamin Scudder and Elizabeth Smith
    William Smith Scudder and Elizabeth Wood
    Mary Scudder and John Wyckoff
    Catherine Wyckoff and William Charles Maben
    Benjamin Scudder Maben and Emma Landphair
    Mary Emma Maben and Otto John Gano
    then my mother and aunts, cousins, daughter and granddaughters still living;

    is there any organization of us cousins???
    there can’t be any DNA test as there are no descendants of Henry VIII who we KNOW for sure are his heirs…too bad…I don’t care about Henry VIII but feel well for Mary that she did marry for love. Read Alison Weir’s books for all the different angels and rumors.

  53. Simon Davidson Says:

    There is plenty of Mary’s decendants living in New Zealand. My Great Grandmother Jean Henrietta West was a descendant of Francis West from Virginia.

    The family tree continues to get interesting within America with a decendant of Richard Warren who was on the “Mayflower” marrying a later Thomas West, who’s son William moved to Nova Scotia in Canada.

    My Great, Great Grandfather Henry West then left Canada for New Zealand and through his marriage, we link into the famous De Green family, (one is beheaded in Shakespeare’s play Richard II, much like Anne Bolyen) which pretty much traces back to all the royal families including the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX, who’s painting hangs in the St Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. (that I visited last year)

    Explains why we always had to watch the Queens speech at Christmas time as kids.

  54. Elizabeth West Says:

    I have been able to trace my genealogy back to Catherine Carey, Daughter of Mary Boleyn.
    Catherine and Sir Francis Knollys had Anne Knollys who married Thomas West (my grandfather) 1555-1608
    Anne and Thomas had John West Governor of Virginia (my grandfather) 1590-1659
    John West 1st married Anne Claiborne and had John West 2nd 1632-1691
    John married Unity Croshaw and had John West 3rd (grandfather) 1676-1744 and so forth, I have the family tree all the way to me.

  55. Elizabeth West Says:

    I have been able to trace my genealogy back to Catherine Carey, Daughter of Mary Boleyn.
    Catherine and Sir Francis Knollys had Anne Knollys who married Thomas West (my grandfather) 1555-1608
    Anne and Thomas had John West Governor of Virginia (my grandfather) 1590-1659
    John West 1st married Anne Claiborne and had John West 2nd 1632-1691
    John married Unity Croshaw and had John West 3rd (grandfather) 1676-1744 and so forth, I have the family tree all the way to me.

  56. Katherine Says:

    I just found out, today, that I am a descendant to Henry the VIII, which is why I Googled, “Descendants of Henry VIII”.

    My grandmother has traced our genealogy to Henry VIII, and is working on getting everything together to mail to me.

  57. ornamental gates Says:

    ornamental gates…

    […]Shakespeare Teacher » Blog Archive » Living Descendants of King Henry the Eighth[…]…

  58. Gil Edwards Says:

    My Family checked my dads full English background and I too am a descendant of Henry VIII from one of his children with a mistress

  59. Matthew Gray Says:

    I am a direct descendant of Henry VIII. Thank you for your diligence and best wishes.

  60. Dianne S Says:

    Before I even new what geneology was about I always said my
    Grandmother looked exactly like the Queen of England .
    Now that I have traced my roots & it links me to Mary Boelyn& Catherine Cary it all makes sense !! I would love to have DNA done.
    Can it be done, and if so why hasn’t it been done !!! All of us with
    these Royal roots no why…….

  61. Jason Fournier Says:

    Funny that this guy is my ancestor.

  62. Holly Hannie Says:

    I am a living descendant of Margaret Beauchamp. I was very excited to learn this. Margaret was the grandmother of Hendry VII.

  63. Holly Hannie Says:

    That would be Henry VII not Hendry.

  64. Corgiotter Says:

    My family, the Edwards, are reputed to be descended from H8 and his mistress Agnes “Beaupenny” Bluett. The evidence is purely circumstantial, but fairly strong. She and H8 were in close proximity before her son’s birth, and she was allowed to include the Tudor Rose in her coat of arms, which showed she was under H8’s favor and protection. There is a lot more info out there.

  65. Pamela Says:

    I am a historian, not a potential descendant, but simply reading about the customs of the time and actions taken by the participants, are very telling. And finally, using one’s eyes. There are several others who have a striking resemblance to old Henry, who really got around a lot. I think at the time all knew who his bastards were, and made great efforts to marry them and shelter them, perhaps with hopes for their own families.

    Just look at the portraits of the peerage. I think future DNA testing will prove it. My guess is that there were many royal bastards, all quietly placed with appropriate families whose own children had no heirs, as child mortality was so high in those days. Daughters were married into well placed families, sons became heirs of fathers with no living sons who were friends and intimates of the king.

    At least one grandson I am quite sure of had quite a lot to do with the Virginia company. The movie ” Anonymous” was close but didn’t do quite enough research and drew a wrong conclusion. If you are a good detective you will figure it out.

  66. Dirk Says:

    Me too… The Carey children have numerous descendants in the Netherlands. Henry Carey’s sons Edmund and Robert served with the earl of Leicester’s troops supporting The dutch revolt against Spain in the 1580s. Later Careys served as officers in the armies of the (then) Dutch republic against France. One of Edmund Carey’s great-grand- children, Philippa Staunton, married a dutch nobleman, Roelof van Arkel. They have many descendants in the Netherlands (and no doubt elsewhere) – of whom I am one.

  67. Leigha Musick Says:

    How do I know if I am a great great great grandaughter or a cousin i have no idea how. My uncle was looking up the family tree and told me that we were related to king henry the II.

  68. Bill Says:

    Of England? He died in 1189, so I imagine he would have many, many descendants alive today. If you’re one of them, check out The Lion in Winter, an excellent 20th-century play about Henry II that’s been made into a couple of movies. Actually, you should check it out either way!

  69. Marcia Hamilton Says:

    My name is Marcia Hamilton, my maiden name is Pinney.I am a descendant of Henry, says my grandmother who past, it was my aunt who picked up an interest in our family tree. My mother maiden name was Watkins, before that boltenhouse or boltinghouse not sure but my aunt has all our records.

  70. Jessica Says:

    My last name is hance I have no access to genealogy sites how would I find out if I am a royal descendent or anything like that?

  71. Shakespeare Teacher » Blog Archive » 100,000 Says:

    […] to the Shakespeare lovers and Shakespeare teachers. Thanks to the Googlebot and people looking for living descendants of Henry VIII. Today, you all have been counted. Onward and […]

  72. Chris Says:

    recenlty my uncle, (father’s brother) sent his DNA into geology .com and it was a direct 99% match to King henry the 16th. Are there groups that meet?

  73. Dorothy Davis Gilmore Says:

    In regards to Henry VIII having 4 illegitimate sons, I am curious about Richard, born to Katherine who was married to a man from Wales. They were at Henry VIII’s court, when Cromwell was in great favor with Henry VIII. Henry was also so fond of Richard, that he offered to knight him if he changed his name to Cromwell. Katherine and her son Richard were in favor of this, and Richard became Sir Richard Cromwell. I cannot trace Richard’s father who was married to Katherine or any of her other husband. She was supposedly a beautiful woman and married several times. I have always wondered if Richard was one of Henry illegitimate sons.

  74. Rebecca Says:

    I am a descendant of an Agnes Nesbit who may be a descendant of Henry VIII’s sister Mary Tudor, Queen of France. After the King of France died, Henry sent his childhood companion, Charles Brandon to bring her home. She eloped with Brandon and they were ignored by Henry for a time and finally forgiven. They had a daughter Eleanor Brandon (Lady Jane Gray’s aunt) who married Henry de Clifford. My relatives come from a Agnes Nesbit who married William Curry. They were from Scotland and immigrated to Lancaster, PA in the 1600’s. My family has an amazing resemblance to the Tudor portraits, especially Henry’s children Edward and Elizabeth. So far we have not been able to figure out if Agnes Nesbit is truly a descendant of Henry VII.

  75. Jason Says:

    i am also related to king henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth II (current queen of the UK) is my cousin. King Henry VIII is i think my uncle. My grandmother did a project in high school and did a family tree dating all the way back to the 1300’s and we are related to King Henry VIII if we would have kept the legacy in our family (stranded off to queen Elizabeth, my great great (GREAT) grandfather married a german woman taking the royality directly out of my name) i would have been king by now :( sad to think about it but Queen Elizabeth and i are cousins

  76. Jason Says:

    also its cool to see who i could be related too

  77. mark humphrey Says:

    My parent was going through ancestry and the humphrey name led back to henry the 8th, are there any others that are also humphrey and think there relatef to him ?

  78. Rainbowdash1 Says:

    I agree 0.0 Bloody Mary…

  79. A. Lewis Says:

    Re: Corgiotter’s comment above, and replying to Dorothy Davis Gilmore: “My family, the Edwards, are reputed to be descended from H8 and his mistress Agnes “Beaupenny” Bluett. The evidence is purely circumstantial, but fairly strong. She and H8 were in close proximity before her son’s birth, and she was allowed to include the Tudor Rose in her coat of arms, which showed she was under H8’s favor and protection. There is a lot more info out there.” Dorothy, Agnes is Richard Edwards’s mother, the child Richard being Henry Viii’s. Agnes decided to marry a noble Edwards, of Wales. I’m descended from this line and I’ve found many others who are too. I even look like Henry! (American living in NYC)

  80. D.Edwards Says:

    I’ve recently delved into ancestry and found that my line goes all the way back to Richard Edwards. Would love to have proof that H8 was the father of Richard (OR NOT) just to know which direction my lineage follows.

  81. Drew Says:

    Wow just stumbled across this website, with a coffee in hand its better than reading a book or episode of the Tudors!
    Do have to agree with some of you above though that sadly there is no concrete evidence and probably never will be that any of these illegitimate children were Henry VIIIs. Any evidence that may once of existed would most certainly have been destroyed to protect Henry himself and any future marriages/children. The actual probability of course is a different matter but as yet no proof has ever been found. I’m sure Henry would find this all very entertaining though and any disputes would be treason in his eyes!! Happy searching all.

  82. Joann Says:

    Hi everyone I am a desendent of the late james cowall the earl of cowall of blackmoor from myresearch his llife ends cant find his parents but there are alot of coincidences in the background I think im somehow related to richard henry brother who started a hermitage in blackmoor any way the earls daughter was ellenor she marrried richard turner and left for canada she brought her dad the earl of cowellanyway my grear grandmother was olivia turner his granddaughteror something like that I was also told I was of royal blood I just want to know were it was from the earl married mary woan

  83. Jen Says:

    Hello. My name is Jennifer. My nickname has been “Quiet Princess” for many years now [please don’t laugh]. Yet, I did not realize until only two years ago that I was actually a possible descendent of King Henry VIII and his mistress Mary Boleyn & her daughter Catherine Carey. A distant cousin came up with the research and found out that many other people from my same home county in Arkansas were also descendents of these historic people. I just find it very eery that my nickname was what it was. It’s almost like someone from above really wanted to let the cat out of the bag! Eeery! Well, I hope they succeed one day in allowing us all to know the truth about what exactly happened 489 years ago. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  84. Jeff Says:

    I descend from Mary Boleyn and Catherine Carey through a line in which my ancestors came over to the U.S. in the Maryland/Virginia area. Here is the line:

    Mary Boleyn
    Catherine Carey married Francis Knollys
    Henry Knollys married Margaret Cave
    Elizabeth Knollys married Henry Willoughby
    Margaret Willoughby married Henry Griffith
    Samuel Griffith married Elizabeth Evans
    Samuel Griffith married Mary Katherine Wood
    John Griffith married Mary
    Mary Griffith married William Marshall
    Thomas Marshall married Margaret Wells
    William Marshall married Eleanor Austin
    William Howard married Elizabeth Marshall
    Mary Howard married William Wells
    David Wells married Elizabeth Ann Waterson
    John Geller married Viola Mae Wells (My Great Grandparents)

  85. Mickey Says:

    I am hoping to make connections/contacts with others who are decendents of King Henry VIII. I was searching my family geneology recently and it is showing that King Henry VIII is my 12th Great Grandfather. It showes that Catherine Carey is my Great Grandmother. In addition I also show that William the Conqueror, King of England is my 23rd Great Grandfather. I find this very interesting, and again, I hope to make connections with other decendents.

  86. Dale C. Rice Says:

    I found your site today and may have breaking news for you. I am currently at work on the Family tree and it points to Henry VIII and the Laundress of Field of Cloth of Gold 1520. The story my 93 year old father told me just prior to his death was that we are related to crowned heads of Europe. That was 1979. Fast Forward 40 years and I find the RICE coat of Arms and the story of Sir Thomas ap Rhys. We seem to be 40 strong descendants of the Love Child William Henry Rice. The Laundress is Beatrice Rice of David Rice Groom and part of the Household of Princess Mary from 1519. I am investigating whether the controversy over William ap Rhys 1522 of Catherine Howard/and Sir Griffith ap Rhys ap Thomas Fitzurien beheaded tower hill Jan 4, 1531 is the Fostered Love Child of Henry…. On the site of “TUDOR WOMEN” They wrongly assert that Mary Griffith was the only Child of Gruffed ap Rhys and Catherine St. John, who was born March 31,1519. That would leave out the son who was beheaded by Henry VIII. The second Child of David and Beatrice Rice was Mary, whom Princess Mary paid for both their educations and even a wedding gown for little Mary. So is Mary Griffith also the fostered child of David and Beatrice? Henry ap Rhys went on to marry Elizabeth Batman 1500 ca.= John ap Rhys II & Catrin Perrott 1530 gggrandaughter of John Perrott. From there we find Thomas ap Rhys 1570-1608&Margaret Mercer to my connection, Captain John ap Rhys/ Rice Rebecca Hoewll and #2 Anne Hackley. Your private commets would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

  87. Rod Says:

    I have been trying to find out how many children Sir Thomas Wharton 1587-1622 and Philadelphia Carey 1585-1655 had. Philip 1613 & Thomas 1615 for sure but others also claim John 1617 and Edward 1619. Can anyone tell me what documentary evidence there is for the latter 2 sons?

  88. Linus Says:

    My dog is related to King Henry the VIII. his dog sired my dogs great great great great great great great great great grandmother. I am ALSO related to the king…and my family sailed to ELis Island about 80 years ago….right here on long island we have about 300 ancestors of the king.

  89. Bill Says:

    Linus, for the win!

  90. Anna Says:

    I am related to Catherine as well.

  91. Elcie Says:

    I’ve been reading a book about the Tudors (don’t know why I wasted my time), and I can not understand why anyone would want to claim that monstrous individual as an ancestor

  92. Linda Says:

    Yep, me too. Catherine Carey was my 12 great grandmother and from what I read it is pretty certain she is Henry’s kid. I live in NYC and as I see, there are a ton of us scattered about.

    Can’t we dig up some of the crazy old King’s dna?

    Elcie. He wasn’t always a monster. I just read about the whole family. A Lot of beheadings being done all around and they all seemed related in some way.

    I have had a lot of health problems. Inbreeding? Anybody else?

    So far no madness!

  93. Rod Says:

    Any chance of an answer to my question of 15th April?

  94. Dave Says:

    Philippa Gregory’s website references Sir Francis Knolly’s latin dictionary. It indicates that Katherine Carey was conceived during her Mother’s affair with Henry VIII.

  95. sue Says:

    I live with a man that is a suspected descendant of Henry VIII, since he was little, he was told that there was an indiscretion in the families history, apart from that I know no more. But he is identical to Henry VIII. He has gout, he has type II diabetes, he is 6ft2″, he has fiery red hair. How would you go about finding out whether he is a real descendant, is there a test you can do??

  96. Logo Quiz Answers Says:

    I’m with you. I can’t wait for Fall. My favorite season. :)

  97. Sam Says:

    I am a descendant of Henry Cary, and I’d be really interested on any information that anyone has regarding his possible relation to Henry VIII. I’ve been trying to do some research myself, but I haven’t come up with anything definate. Any help would be much appreciated!

  98. Raymond Edwards Says:

    I have traced my ancestery back to Richard Edwardes, son of Agnes Bluett. Rumors have that Richard was sired by Henry 8. Be that as it may, I would like some information about UHF decendents of Richard.

  99. Hall Says:

    I read so many of these comments, my favorite was by Linus about the dogs.

  100. Bill Says:

    Me too, actually.

  101. Beverly Edwards Cruz Says:

    I am related to Henry VIII via his Welsh mistress as well. He is I believe my 15th grandfather. Actually I am related x 2 as my mother was an Edwards who married an Edwards. Both lines lead back to 2 Welsh brothers who settled in Maryland in the late 1600’s. My dgt is very into family history and has all the details. I will give her this web site.

  102. Ann Says:

    I am descended from both Catherine Carey and Henry Carey–two separate lines, obviously. This means that Mary Boleyn is my 13th great grandmother twice. Whether or not that means I am descended from Henry VIII is still a mystery! Jet’s comments in 2008 align with my own research (I am a genealogist and archives librarian). Through other lines my family is descended from Edward III, Edward I, Henry III, and probably more. None of this means we have claims to the throne, but it is a neat family history find. It’s nice to know others out there share in this noble lineage.

  103. Lisa Says:

    I, too, am a descendant of Richard Edwardes, son of Agnes Bluett and H8.

  104. Ethan Says:

    If JFK is related to henry the 8th then my family might be related to them the last name is Kennedy

  105. blueblood Says:

    Im descended from Agnes Bluett to her son Rev Richard Edwards Sr. also Edwards Seymour is my 13th Great Grandpa. His Daughter Mary Seymour married Francis Cosbie my 12th Great Grandpa. My Cosby family came to the States and married into my Garland Nichols and Hammond family

    If Henry 8 is the father of R Edwards then hed be my 15th Great Grandpa. King Edward VI is my 14th Great Uncle. Anne Jane Seymour and Katberine Howard are all my 7th cousins 15x removed through 1 connection

  106. Amber Says:

    Such an interesting site! Like no other I have found! I will reserve my comments about lineage until I have our family documents in front of me. A relative actually wrote and published a book about our family lineage, which traces back to good old Henry. I do find it incredibly interesting hearing about the physical attributes of the family considering I match them all!
    Either way you look at it, the man had an insatiable appetite ;0) and there is no way to know for sure about the illegitimate children until DNA testing is permitted! It would be fascinating, wouldn’t it? Add the Melrose name to the list!

  107. Ciara Says:

    I am actually the 14th Great Granddaughter of Catherine Carey on my mothers side so it would be awesome if she was in fact Henry’s daughter. If it isn’t true I am still his cousin as I am the 17th Great Granddaughter of Elizabeth Woodville(his grandmother) making Henry my 1st cousin 17 times removed.

  108. John Says:

    King Henry does not have any *direct descendants.
    But the present queen, Queen Elizabeth II is related to him.

  109. Bill Says:

    Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret. So at the very least, Henry is Her Majesty’s great great great great great great great great great great great great great great uncle.

    As for whether or not Henry himself has any direct descendants living today, well… I don’t know. What do you guys think?

  110. Nicole Says:

    I am not related to King Henry VIII. At least not directly. My ancestor was a first cousin of King Henry VIII and was a person the king sought advice from during his reign. Love the posts!

  111. Yvonne Says:

    Hello edwardes family i’am direct descendent of Richard edwardes and not far removed from Thomas edwards of the new world settlement and the land fraud of Manhattan at which stems from the Edwards hall estate wales my family holds information on the matter but am afraid the entire story lies within wales and the family that didn’t migrate therefore I’m reaching out to see if anyone would care to communicate on the matter and give me insight on there family branch and story. Hope to hear from someone

  112. Mikeala Norwood Says:

    I am the 15th great granddaughter of King Henry VIII. I am pretty much supposed to be in England THE princess and my parents as the King and Queen, but Richard Edwards, King Henry’s illegitimate son was excepted into the inner royal circle, but none of his decendants got the throne? How messed up. His only surviving son, doesn’t even get to be excepted all the way. I think it’s not right. I should be a princess!

  113. blueblood Says:

    Im a direct descendant of Rev Richard Edwardes. His mother was Agnes Bleuett She was noble of her own birthright by the Grenvilles. Im proud to be a part of that family line. I recently sent out my family dna results to the Society of Genealogy to verify my information then off to the royal family it goes for the Queens decision on if our family will recieve our titles that are considerex dormant.

  114. James Edwards Says:

    Donna you and I share the same ancestors William Edwards was the brother to Baron Joshua Edwards my 12th great grandfather.

  115. John Edwards Says:


    I too am a direct descendant of Richard Edwards, supposed son of Henry VIII. I would be very interested to know what you discover from your DNA submissions. I am considering doing it as well. Please email me at

    John Edwards

  116. Donna Says:

    All of this commentary is interesting and somewhat amusing. I can claim the same genealogic lineage as most have stated. However, consider how many ancestors we share with each other. In truth, we, all, must have royalty and criminals in our lines. No doubt some were crowned and some were probably hanged. It’s been my observation that many folks of humble station are often more aristocratic in behavior than do people of wealth and position. Being an aristocratic comes from the heart – not from one’s genetic makeup.

  117. Hogwash McTurnip Says:

    Thanks for the laughs folks! You Yanks are so funny! I myself am a descendant of the great Robert the Bruce, after he had an affair with Mary Queen of Scots whilst he was overseeing the building of the Forth Bridge. Of course the pregnancy was kept secret and the boy was spirited away and raised in Brigadoon. So whilst I am of Royal descent, I have no claim on any throne. It does however mean that I am also related to Rob Roy McGregor, Flora McDonald Tam O Shanter,. Parra Handy and Rab C Nesbitt! A family lineage I am rightly proud of.

  118. Arthel Says:

    Fifty years ago I took a genealogy class and the very learned prof. stated that centuries past it was worth a persons life to walk down a country lane with a piece of bread in your hand — starvation was so rampant. She further stated that Lords of the manor often placed poor children in front of their armies (as a buffer to shield knights – who were more valuable).
    She said that if a person didn’t have some type of protective authority (right – or wrong, side of the blanket) they, most often did not continue to exist. Then she stated, “without doubt, Everyone goes back to Royality. The trouble is that Very Often – WHO you find — you may wish you hadn’t.”
    Add to that (and it’s already been said) most persons leading groups to America were ‘younger’ sons, who had somewhere finally to go apart from a military or a religious career.
    Of course I told myself — ‘there’s no royals for you, you KNOW’.
    When I found the 1st such line — I stopped learning of them. Truly that was not wanted. Same with the second line — I started another. I gave up with the 3rd one. They only were good enough for each other you know — and inter-married ! I have every line mentioned – +++++. Into every nation in the sphere (Almost). But then I do have some lines back 40+ generations. Some fruits — some nuts — PLUS — some mighty fine people that I’m rightly proud of also!!!
    T H A T ‘ S G E N E A L O G Y !!!

    ps That is, I’ve had it most of my life….my pc just swallowed it.
    It’s in there — I can see it still listed — but I’m told the path won’t function

  119. pam Says:

    My gramdmothers maiden name was Tudor, she was born in Wrexham Wsles

  120. pam Says:

    My nan’s maiden name was Tudor. She was born in Wrexham Wales, which I read was where henry viii family was from. Her father was the last Tudor in my lineage. Although I’m not a direct descendant, I am related to the family. It is a bit of a novalty knowing I’m related. My nan also had a striking resemblance to Queen Elizabeth the second.

  121. Nancy Sommers Says:

    My eleven times Great Grandfather is Jester Will Sommers Somers
    My thirteen times Great Grandfather is Sir William Cavendish
    I love reading all of this. I wish we could all have some sort of huge reunion of family in UK someday.

  122. Beth Griffin Says:

    I am the 11th (gen) great grandchild of Mary Boleyn. I come from Henry’s line. Seems there is quite the family left and scattered about. <3

  123. Olivia Says:

    I’m related to him. If you have an email address I will send you the family tree.

  124. kayla Says:

    I am related through my mom’s side… King Henry had children he didn’t claim. ..

  125. Debbie Says:

    Richard Edward, son of Agness Beaupenny Blewii and Henry VIII. she was one of his mistresses, she got pregnant and since she was a lady of the court, he got her married off to Sir William Edwards. She and Edwards have several other children, all this birth records with her and Edwards name on them, but there is none of Richard. Also, Richard was shower on with gifts and positions and titles from Henry and Queen I, and none of Agnes other children were. Henry VIII, was known to bestow titles, lands, and provide high educations for his bastards, which he did for Richard Edwards. He attend Oxford and earned both a Bachelor and Masters degrees.

  126. Mary Ellen Baker Says:

    I am a direct descendant of Henry VIII’s maternal grandmother Elizabeth Woodville Grey Plantagenet and her first husband John Grey who was killed in battle as a young man. They had two sons, Thomas and Richard. Thomas is my 14th great grandfather. So, Henry VIII is my 1st cousin, 15 times removed according to

  127. Derek Bridges Says:

    Another descendent of Richard Edwarde’s here. While the evidence is circumstantial, it’s pretty convincing that he was most likely known by H8 to be his son (hence all of the money and protection that was thrown his way by the crown).

  128. Roger Page Says:

    Can any one tell me who Sir Hubert Page was in the ads of Henry the eighth. He was supposed to be one of he rise favourite knights. Supposedly. Held court in the divorce or death of Ann Borlyn.

  129. Danielle Allen Says:

    I would be interested to know if there is any possible way to retrieve DNA from King Henry VIII with the technology used recently to identify “Jack the Ripper.” Perhaps this DNA technology could find some missing linkages in the “other” Tudor lineages. I would love to know if I was related to someone as influential and infamous as King Henry VIII. I doubt I am, but I bet his descendents would be happy to know.

  130. Eamara Elizabeth Rosebush/Boyle Says:

    My uncle as well did a family search, findings we are related as well to King Henry the VIII. Through the Rosebush name.

  131. Tamara Elizabeth Rosebush/Boyle Says:

    Sorry my name is Tamara not Eamara.

  132. mary bullen ramirez Says:

    We are also suppose to be decendants of both Bullens and Careys. My grandfather is Bullen and my grandmother is Carey. Only have history till 1500 need to go further back.

  133. Dr. William Hester Says:

    I have Cary, Ludlow, Blount, Boleyn and many other lines of ancestry. I have followed this collateral line of the Carys on and off in my research for quite some time, but have so many collateral lines to work on, that I cannot claim to be an authority.
    For nearly three years I have been into autosomal DNA testing and found seven DNA segments that I must have inherited from 15th great grandparents in the Andrews family who were born in the 1360’s, four segments from 14th great grandparents in the 16th century, numerous matches from the Howards. DNA is absolutely phenomenal if you have the pedigrees to figure out who the DNA might be from. Anyone wanting to confirm his relationship here ought to check in at They are having a holiday special at the moment. For reference purposes my kit No. there is E12086.

  134. Eric Says:

    A recent study on the mathematics of genetic descent over time shows that more than 90% of people of European descent are descended from Henry VIII…..or any other randomly chosen person of that era. There are literally BILLIONS of descendents of Henry VIII running around. It’s about as meaningless a claim as anyone could make. It’s far more difficult to find anyone who isn’t one of his descendents.

  135. Sofia Says:

    Sorry you are wrong I am related to Henry the 8th and all the other Henrys so oh and I’m alive my 27th great grandfather is Henry the 2nd who is related to Henry the 8th

  136. chrissy Says:

    I too am a descendant of Catherine Carey. I’m in the U.S.

  137. Kristie Says:

    Interesting site… I am Mary Queen of Scots 13th great granddaughter and Lord Darnley is my 13th great grandfather. James I is my 12th great grandfather etc.. Henry the VIII is my 15th great uncle, which makes Elizabeth I my 1st cousin 16 x removed.. Pretty neat I suppose.

  138. ray Says:

    Hi kirstie, I am descended from, a portuguese family called the da sena’s,
    They were descended from phillipa, of lancaster, who was the queen of portugal,
    and descended from john of gaunt, i believe,also the holy roman emperor charles the v, who was mary tudor’s father,i know the that the stewarts and tudors were cousins, that why james the 1st of england was chosen to become king after the death of elizibeth the 1st of england.which probadly makes us related in some manor.

  139. Kristie Says:

    Yes.. Deliz and Desena came up last night on my search…I will go look and double check;). My grandmother had always said I was related to Mary Queen of Scots, but I was like yea right..Well, looks like I owe her an apology..Henry the VIII was quite the philanderer.. Lil embarrassing..I am thinking Queen Elizabeth II is my first cousin 13x removed.. I am not sure..King Charles I is my 10th great grandad I think.. It was Lady Catherine Phipps who left for America..She is my 8th or 9th Gma…

  140. Kristie Says:

    Hmm. I came up with William DeSaint Liz DeSenlis as my 24th great grandad..Charles I Knight of the Garter is my 11th great grandad..Henrietta Maria De Bourbon is my 11 th great grandma and Queen Margot is my 12th great grandma..ugh.. Making my head hurt..I also traced back as far as Fulk V who was King of Jeruselum..I did see DeSena.. Wonder if distant cousin?

  141. Kristie Says:

    Christian III of Denmark-Norway is 11th grandad..does anyone know who his dad and mom were? Ray, somewhere along the line we are related..but looks like my family was all over the place (I.e. France, Denmark, Italy, Israel, etc..)..I am sure Portugal is in there somewhere..

  142. Kristie Says:

    Found it..Henry IV 20th great grandad and Prince John of Gaunt was my 21st great grandad.. Ray, how is John of Gaunt related to Queen Phillipa?

  143. Bill Says:

    John of Gaunt was Queen Phillipa’s father. She was a sister of King Henry IV.

    Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was not father, but first cousin to Queen Mary I of England. Their mothers were sisters. Mary’s father was Henry VIII.

    Mary, Queen of Scots and her son James I are descended from Henry VIII’s sister Margaret, as described in the original post. Their father, Henry VII, was descended from John of Gaunt through his third marriage. He is listed as Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond here.

    So, if Kristie is descended from Mary, Queen of Scots, and Ray is descended from Queen Phillipa, then both are descended from John of Gaunt.

  144. raj Says:

    How you guys trace your ancestry

  145. Mark Says:

    I’m a descendent of Mary Boleyn through her daughter Lady Anne Knollys. I’ve seen varying opinions on whether Henry fathered her and her brother Henry. Just found out about this very recently and am reading as much about her as I can.

  146. Mark Says:

    Correction on above post, I’m related to Mary Boleyn through her daughter Catherine, and Catherine’s daughter Anne Knollys.

  147. Kristie Says:

    So Ray, then perhaps you are a distant cousin? You can’t be that distant as Elizabeth I is my 1st cousin 16x removed.. We, in theory, should be closer relation? Not sure..

  148. Clay Henry Says:

    According to some family tree website, I’m the desent of King Henry. My family and I. I live in America. I don’t know the full story but somehow this guy is in my blood.

  149. christine fletcher Says:

    My daughters hair is red and I am a Tame related to Richard the 1st and henry 8 and Ann Boleyn. My cousin looks the same as Eliz the 1 and I look like Ann Boleyn. I believe we had land and titles in Kent.

  150. MaryLouise Stathers Says:

    The “Oxfordian” Charles Beauclerk’s, author of “Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom – The True History of Shakespeare and Elizabeth”, 2010, Grove Press, Ny. Makes a very interesting pitch that Elizabeth I was extraordinarily ‘prolific’, despite her & Lord Burghley’s insistant claim of “virgin queen”. …. This is a great intrigue. And of course is very much disparaged by the business surrounding the ‘Stratford Man’. … His research promotes Edward DeVere, 17th Earl of Oxford, as her first son, fathered by Elizabeth’s step-father, Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour (husband of Catherine Parr, Henry VII’s ex). … Educated by the best tutors, became a published poet, & a favourite at court. But when he discovered who his mother was, became furious, & thus ‘anonymously’ wrote the Shakespeare canon in revenge. … A great read …. Cat Among the Pigeons.

  151. MaryLouise Stathers Says:

    Sorry, further ….my greatest hope is for their DNA to be researched.

  152. MaryLouise Stathers Says:

    Further #2 … ‘Shakespeare’s’ autobiography, probably “Hamlet”. No kidding!

  153. Dr.L.D.Daniell Says:

    Hello to all, George Washingtons mother Mary Ball is my 4th grand mother. GWs ansestors were english kings . Ive looked it up , its quite interesting. Futhermore Princess Diana & Princess .Kate Midleton are also neases of GW. Please note, any more fun ???? info we would like to share with us , kindly contact

  154. Brenda Godbey Houston Says:

    Had My DNA I got reports I am related to King Henry down to My grandparents Ann Stafford and I have papers show from me to my dad on down to Prince Charles Duke of Cambridge, Please email me at

  155. lolo Says:

    Hey just putting it out there if anyone knows.inbreeding was popular iam adirect descendant from King Ferdinand illegitimate son (court approvedit)long story but he had a kid with luisa de Estrada any who queen Isabella and Fernando were cousins. Mary I of England blood run throughs me. Her half sister was Elizabeth I. I guess if anyone can do the connections and tell me what would Mary be for me? She had no kids. But yeah lol :)

  156. Catharine Greene McRae Says:

    Interesting site! I’m also a descendant of Catherine and Henry Carey through BathshebaGriffith and John Ferguson of Calvert Co Md . Catheine Carey, Queen Elizabeth I favorite, made a fabulous marriage with Lord Frances Knolllys. Their daughter was Lettice Knollys who married Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite. The Queen was enraged. Robert’s stepson, Lettice’s son by first husband Walter Devereux was Robert, Earl of Essex, Queen Elizabeth I’s final favorite. He tried to take the thone, believing he was the descendant of Henry VIII. Why, unless his grandmother was the king’s daughter.
    In addition, the discovery of Richard III’S body has revealed his DNA DOES NOT match the present royals, so descent is not guarenteed.

  157. Bill Says:

    Welcome, Catharine!

    While I agree that descent is not guaranteed, the recent discoveries regarding Richard III do not actually cast any additional doubt on the legitimacy of the Queen.

    More here.

  158. Kelly S. Says:

    According to my research on, Henry Carey is my 11th great grandfather, and if the rumor is true about him being the King’s son, I am a living descendant of Henry the VIII in the U.S. in New York! Where’s my castle? Where’s my kingdom? :P

  159. Longshanks Says:

    Henry VIII would be awesome to have in my family tree but alas, I’m only stuck with King Edward I “Longshanks” through the Gloucester, Bourchier, Page, and Skipwith line. I bet a lot of us are still cousins tho. Hello cousins!

  160. Christo Says:

    Puzzled, my dad spent about $600.00 in the 1970’s to have our genealogical records complied. King Henry VIII was but one of the royal blood lines listed. True though, doesn’t mean I’m a ‘direct’ descendant.

    A big shout out to all my (potential) cousins out there! Cheers!

  161. kevin england Says:

    Mary Boleyn is the direct ancestor along my paternal grandmother’s line. The above lineage (one the first with the Wests, de la Warre, etc.) are instantly recognizable. QE2 and her progeny are cousins. Ironically, my mother bought me a dart board that closes and shows an image of Henry VIII. By the time I realized who it was, I had already become convinced that Henry VIII fathered Mary Boleyn’s 2 kids. Hillary Duff is also a descendant–currently considered the “most royal” actor in Hollywood.

  162. Kellie Scharringhausen Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a descendant of Mary Boleyn through Catherine Carey. Interestingly enough My great grandparents who lived in Pratt, Kansas their entire lives were Talbots. So I have Knolleys and Talbots in my family. My Talbot line has been traced to France & Spain. I have invested in DNA testing also, which confirmed the information passed down through my family.
    Hello to all of my fellow Tudor relatives ! :)

  163. Kriss Edwards Says:

    Richard Edwards was my 11th great grandfather.
    I just ran across this a few days ago.
    While as mentioned in previous posts, there is no physical evidence to confirm he was the son of Henry 8, the circumstantial evidence and custom of the time are quite intriguing.
    There is documented proof that Richard was educated at Oxford at the expense of Henry and received a stipend from Henry while he attended.
    Also at about the time of Richards birth Thomas Edwards was gifted by the crown a castle (Edwards Hall) and land in or near London.
    Guess I’ll be going to Buckingham Palace and tell those folks to get out of my house!

  164. Cheryl Says:

    According to my cousin, the family genealogist, we are direct descendents of Henry Carey as he was our 13th grandfather. There are many of us which is no surprise as he had many children. Because there is no way to know for sure who his father was, we can go no further in this part of our genealogy. However the research I have done indicates it’s a very good probability that Henry VIII was his father for many reasons that I won’t go into and it makes perfect sense why there was no acknowledgment. It’s interesting though…after all this time my nephew looks just like Henry Carey’s younger portrait. Just amazes me.

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