Thursday Morning Riddle

I am acting a role; make an instrument sound;
I’m to start a CD; what kids do on their ground;
Act like God, or the fool; to go golf for a round;
And for Hamlet, the thing, when in theaters I’m found.

Who am I?

UPDATE: Riddle solved by Janai. See comments for answer.

2 Responses to “Thursday Morning Riddle”

  1. Janai Says:


  2. Bill Says:

    PLAY is correct. Way to go, Janai!

    Line 1: Play a role; Play an instrument
    Line 2: Press Play; Play on the playground
    Line 3: Play God; Play the fool; Play golf
    Line 4: The play’s the thing; theatrical play

    Deleted line:
    A theatrical script like Prometheus Bound;

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